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Olivia Christine

An early Christmas gift arrived….congratulations to the new parents and grandparents on the arrival of your baby girl, Olivia Christine!


Would you like to welcome home a new baby with a Stork sign? Would you like to surprise someone with a flock of pink flamingos? We have some openings! Please call us to schedule your surprise yard sign or flamingo flock!  

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Welcome home baby Finley

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Welcome home baby Ava!

Welcome home baby Ava! Congratulations to the new parents James & Kaylee!      

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Baby Soft Spot

Baby Soft Spot If you are a new parent, it is understandable that your baby’s soft spot makes you a little nervous. You might have even seen it pulsating from baby’s heartbeat. It may also make you a little nervous when it bulges in response to crying or pooping. This is one of many things that are a mystery to first time moms. Over time, the soft spot will begin to close up. In the

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